Kabaii - A Pokemon RP

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Kabaii - A Pokemon RP

Post by Snigger on Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:27 pm

In this world, Pokemon is a mere game, something to be played by children and adults alike. Unlike most games in this world, however, Kabaii is made with state-of-the-art technology, which is just fancy speak for "we made it totally cool, as if you were right there, man." Its gameplay is akin to that of .hack//ect. games in that you are spit right into the virtual reality of Kabaii. This is done with the PSDU, a device that puts one into an almost sleep-like state and convincing one's brain that they're feeling everything the avatar feels.

Kabaii's Pokemon Virtual Reality Game is the brainchild of Justin Troland and Kevin Hunter. They run this branch of Kabaii Corp., and are very kind, loving admins. They made sure there were endless possibilities in Kabaii. There are so many paths to take, so many options to choose, so many quests to complete. Are you up for it?

Not all is well, however. There are rumors of an underground group of hackers wishing to bring chaos to the unity that is Kabaii...

*Written by a member so credits to her

Thanks Honey for the picture! 8D

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