Face it, You're Fat Again :/

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Face it, You're Fat Again :/

Post by Amberstorm on Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:08 pm

Amberstorm grumbled in her sleep, her foot twitching a bit. She hoped her kits had malicious intent, for she did not want to abandon another little one. She was dreaming of that fluffy little kit now, the way her whiskers twitched when she was amused.
And then the look of horror at the talk of the DarkClan cats. Amberstorm had never been able to stand the way that kit had terror in her eyes, thus leading to her abandonment. Amberstorm knew that the kit would never have been able to become a true DarkClan warrior, so she had abandoned the kit by the stream, hoping she was still alive.
However, that was all in the past. She needed to look to the future, and her kits' futures. She estimated that there were about four again, by the size of her stomach. Sheesh, did she take up a lot of the nursery.
Amberstorm knew that she had about two moons to go before the kits were born, and she was a bit ashamed of becoming pregnant for the second time. She was a burden to her Clan like this! She knew that her kits should be very strong in order to thrive in such a Clan. She awoke to a cold breeze floating within the den, however, she was copnfused. Where were the queens? This was the nursery, however the queens were gone! She looked around to the entrance, and saw frost creeping toward her like some vicious river. There was laughter, however this was not the laughter of a cat. Was is wolf? However, it was not... She had heard a wolf laugh before, and it did not sound the same as this laughter. It was high-pitched like a mad bird...
The frost crept closer, and wind blew into the nursery. Then, the wind blew so hard that the nursery blew apart. Amberstorm's eyes widened as she saw not the DarkClan camp, but a slope with many forms. The frost before her became three-demensional, and rose into the form of a fox with a figure on its back. A sly, familiar voice spoke, but Amberstorm could not tell whom it belonged to.
"So, you are kin?"
Amberstorm tried her voice and hissed,"You are no kin of mine!"
"So be it! i condemn you to the Cave of the Soul-less!"
Her eyes wide with fear, she heard a yowl in the distance. A ginger form jumped into the scene and onto the fox, knocking the figure over. The yowls and screeches turned into grumbles, and Amberstorm truly woke to the sound of her hungry, swollen belly.
What a horrible, strange dream... still, I think I've been through worse... Amberstorm thought, looking around.

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